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Complete feature list

Set up

  • Auto family archive generation from GEDCOM import
  • Manual tree builder and editor
  • Multiple archive creation


  • All content indexed to underlying tree
  • Family surname parental/maternal pyramid site map
  • Sections: Family Surname and Individual
  • Auto-generated section trees
  • Sub-sections: Media, Albums, Facts, Documents, Occasions, Places, Artifacts
  • Content tagged to all relevant Sections & Sub-sections
  • Tagging semi-automated
  • Full search
  • Bookmarking


  • Image upload (.jpg, .png, .pdf (multi-page), TIFF, HEIC)
  • Image metadata preserved (can edit some items)
  • Album creation
  • YouTube video article embed and play
  • Image cropping and rotation

Content creation and editing

  • Inline WYSIWYG web page editor
  • Sub-tree creator
  • 3D fly by map creation
  • Add sources and citations to articles
  • External and internal linking
  • Document upload & transcription (incl. multi-page pdfs)
  • Fact creation and timelines
  • Facts imported from GEDCOM with notes & sources

Social functionality

  • 'Ask family' button for questions relating to any content item
  • Share button on all content (can share specific items from private archive)
  • Comments
  • User-centric login
  • Five permission levels for degrees of collaboration
  • Notifications

Integrated Blog and Build

  • Create unlimited Blogs
  • Post content from archive to blog
  • Create blog posts connected and indexed into archive
  • Draw on archive content for blog posts
  • Create non-archive connected blog posts


  • Optional full privacy for user and invited family
  • Individual items may be marked public
  • Optional full public (living individual sections and tree tiles always obscured)
  • Individual items may be marked private

Back-up and printed output

  • One click comprehensive content download including print ready PDFs
  • Complete GEDCOM included
  • Printer formatting, print any article to PDF or paper
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