Make your family unforgettable

Because too many life stories are locked up with the living or lost with the departed

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Showcase your story
like never before

Invite your family
to fill in the gaps

Pass the baton
so your story lives on

How it Works

Import or start your family tree

Whether you have a GEDCOM or are just starting out, everything starts with a tree.

Collect and collate

Upload and organise all of your family research, documents, and photos into one place with the help of our powerful tagging system.

Build your own website

Showcase your family history like never before. Write articles, capture memories and present your research to share with your family.

Bring your family together

Invite your family to add their memories and have their own personalised page, so the story keeps living on.

Showcasing your family history has never been easier

Articles made easy
Super simple content editor with in-built templates, to get your stories looking great.
Writing articles
Build custom trees
Super simple content editor with in-built templates, to get your stories looking great.
Custom tre builder
Create albums in a flash
Quick album creation with simple drag and drop mass photo uploads and re-ordering.
Creating albums
Tag and find things fast
Intelligent tagging for both created and uploaded content, plus intuitive general tagging feature.
Tagging items
Gedcom to joy
Already started your family tree? Then just upload your gedcom file, to start telling your stories.
Gedcom uploader
No Gedcom? No problem
If you’re just starting out, you can easily create your own family tree with us, we’ll guide you through every step.
Building a family tree
Link everything to anything
Internal and external linking galore! Helping you move effortlessly from article to article and from article, album, individual, family or place, and back again.
Linking items
Share, share, and share again
Click the icon to share your progress with anyone, wherever they are; a Facebook Group, WhatsApp, Forum, Email…
Social media

We are inviting your family in

Ask your family

Request information and materials from any relative on your tree; perhaps you need help identifying people in photos, or you suspect a cousin may have some useful recollections or documents and photos relating to a topic you are writing about.

Make it personal

Personalised login for all relatives you invite to your site - they experience the site with themselves as the focus person

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