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Unshackle your family history

Free your stories from outdated technology and paper files, inspire your family with a living online archive

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We've made it so easy

Establish an interactive archive at the heart of your family
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Create your online site
with ease

Our super simple interactive tree builder automatically organizes your site (built by a GEDCOM in seconds)

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Showcase your story
like never before

Create, curate and enrich a kaleidoscope of captivating artefacts, photos, videos & stories

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Engage family to ensure your story is passed on

Ask for help to fill in the gaps, and even see relatives record their own lives as children and adults

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What genealogists are saying

"One of the most powerful ways to share family history is through storytelling. And one of the biggest challenges is to find an effective way to do just that. We Are's approach is nothing short of revolutionary."

"It's not often I get this excited about family tree software. If you want to share your work and family stories trust me this is the best piece of family history software I have seen!"

"One of the things I particularly like is that it will enable me to preserve my research and findings for future generations by making trusted family Admins when I need to e.g. before I 'lose my marbles' and/or drop dead!"

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Jennifer de Fiebre, USA

Admin, GASP FB Group

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Paul Chiddicks, UK

Rootstech influencer,

#AncestryHour team

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Jane Chapman, NZ

Admin, Ancestorian.com

Click to read full article:
First published in the June 2023 issue of Family Tree. To find out more about Family Tree magazine & the online Family Tree Plus membership please see www.family-tree.co.uk/membership - free 7 day trial available.

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We Are [making your family unforgettable]

Because too many stories
are locked up with the living
or lost with the departed

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