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Community Guidelines

Last Modified: 15th June 2022
As a global platform for reflection and self-expression relating to our ancestral origins and everyday lives, We Are [...] is deeply committed to supporting and protecting freedom of speech. At the same time, we draw lines around a few narrowly defined but deeply important categories of content and behaviour that could jeopardize our users, threaten our infrastructure, and damage our community.

What “We Are [...]” is for:

We Are [...] is a place for showcasing and sharing all that you know (so far) about your family history. It is yours and your relatives’ location on the Web (Internet) where together you can reveal the stories behind the official records, family documents, photos and (in more recent times) videos. We want you to compare notes, reflect and express your resulting observations and thoughts freely. Ultimately, you are creating a definitive reference point for future generations in which you also leave insights into yourself.

What “We Are [...]” is not for:

  • Terrorism. We don't tolerate content that promotes, encourages, or incites acts of terrorism. That includes content which supports or celebrates terrorist organizations, their leaders, or associated violent activities.
  • Hate Speech. Don't encourage violence or hatred. Don't post content for the purpose of promoting or inciting the hatred of, or dehumanizing, individuals or groups based on race, ethnic or national origin, religion, gender, gender identity, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, disability or disease. If you encounter content that violates our hate speech policies, please report it.
  • Harm to Minors. Don't post or solicit content that features the abuse of a minor, that includes suggestive or sexual content involving a minor or anyone that appears to be a minor, or that facilitates or promotes child sexual abuse. "Content" may include photos of real individuals, illustrations, animation, or text. Posting child sexual abuse material is a serious crime for which we have no tolerance.
  • Promotion or Glorification of Self-Harm. Don't post content that actively promotes or glorifies self-harm. This includes content that urges or encourages others to: cut or injure themselves; embrace anorexia, bulimia, or other eating disorders; or commit suicide.
  • Adult Content. Don't upload images, videos, or GIFs that show real-life human genitals or female-presenting nipples —this includes content that is so photorealistic that it could be mistaken for featuring real-life humans. Certain types of artistic, educational, newsworthy, or political content featuring nudity are fine. Don’t upload any content, including images, videos, GIFs, or illustrations, that depicts sex acts.
  • Violent Content and Threats, Gore and Mutilation. Don't post content which includes violent threats toward individuals or groups - this includes threats of theft, property damage, or financial harm. Don't post violent content or gore just to be shocking. Don't showcase the mutilation or torture of human beings, animals (including bestiality), or their remains. Don't post content that encourages or incites violence, or glorifies acts of violence or the perpetrators.
  • Deceptive or Fraudulent Links. Don't post deceptive or fraudulent links in your posts. This includes giving links misleading descriptions, putting the wrong “source” field in a post, setting misleading click-through links on images, or embedding links to interstitial or pop-up ads.
  • Misattribution or Non-Attribution. Make sure you always give proper attribution and include full links back to original sources.
  • URL Abuse or Squatting. We Are [...] URLs are meant for the use and enjoyment of all of our users. Don't squat, hoard, amass, accumulate, accrue, stockpile, trade, sell, We Are [...] URLs.
  • Spam. Don't spam people. Don't make spammy posts, don't post spammy replies, don't send people spammy messages. Be a regular human.
  • Mass Registration or Automation. Don't register accounts or post content automatically, systematically, or programmatically.
  • Copyright or Trademark Infringement. Respect the copyrights and trademarks of others. If you aren't allowed to use someone else's copyrighted or trademarked work (either by license or by legal exceptions and limitations such as fair use), don't post it.
  • Impersonation and Non-Genuine Behaviour. Don't do things that may cause confusion between your We Are [...] site and another person, organization, or company, like registering a deliberately confusing URL or pretending to be a celebrity or an elected official. Don't impersonate anyone.
  • Harassment. Don't engage in targeted abuse, bullying, or harassment. Don't engage in the unwanted sexualization or sexual harassment of others. If someone is sending you unwanted messages, or sharing your posts in an abusive way, we encourage you to report them.
  • Privacy Violations. Don't use We Are [...] to deceptively obtain personal information. Don't post content that violates anyone's privacy, especially personally identifying or confidential information like credit card numbers, social security numbers, or unlisted contact information. Absolutely do not post non-consensual pornography—that is, private photos or videos taken or posted without the subject's consent.
  • Disruptions, Exploits, or Resource Abuse. Don't attempt unauthorized use, disruption, or exploitation of We Are [...] or our other products and services, or otherwise abuse We Are [...] resources.
  • Unlawful Uses or Content. Don't use We Are [...] to conduct illegal behaviour, like fraud or phishing. Don't use We Are [...] for any kind of exchange of regulated drugs, substances, devices, goods, or weapons. Don't use We Are [...] to buy them, sell them, trade them, or to share instructions for manufacturing them. This includes firearms, firearm parts, 3D-printed firearms or parts, explosives, ammunition, or anything else designed to hurt others.
If we conclude that you are violating these guidelines, you may receive a notice via email. If you don't explain or correct your behaviour, we may take action against your account. Repeat violations of our Community Guidelines may result in permanent account suspension. We reserve the right to suspend accounts, or remove content, without notice, for any reason, but particularly to protect our services, infrastructure, users, and community. We reserve the right to enforce, or not enforce, these guidelines in our sole discretion, and these guidelines don't create a duty or contractual obligation for us to act in any particular manner.You can report violations of these guidelines to us directly at support@weare.xyz. We reserve the right to amend these guidelines. If you have questions or feedback, don't hesitate to let us know (see contact links at foot of website).Thanks for reading these guidelines and welcome to We Are [...]!
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